SJSU SAVE (Students Against Violence Everywhere)
SJSU SAVE Presents: What’s Love Got to Do With It?

We are presenting this movie raise awareness about intimate partner violence. Following the movie, we will have an open forum discussion about the movie and a workshop about what it means to be in healthy relationship and understanding your rights in dating practices. EVERYONE IS WELCOME.

The event will happen on Tuesday, April 26th 2011 from 6pm-9pm, Campus Village Building B Room C on the first floor. FREE FOOD will be provided at the event.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

This event is sponsored by CVB Hall Government.

Connections Fair

SJSU SAVE minutes from 3/10/2011 

SAVE’s agenda: 3/9/2011

I.                    Meeting called to order: 3pm

II.                  Attendance

a.       Jo

b.      Mallory

c.       Stephanie

d.      Art

e.      Agnes

f.        Saryna—late

III.                Officer Positions

IV.                SAVE events

a.       Rock Against Violence 2011—Jo  (tabling until further notice)

                                                               i.      Jo ask the library or 7th Plaza

                                                             ii.      April 12th, April 13th, April 14th—Stephanie will create a doodle and then SAVE will decide which day works

                                                            iii.      Stephanie contacted KSJS and they will provide music  

b.      V-day (We will have pamphlets at the event) and (Bonnie will let SAVErs pass out pamphlets if we pass out programs)—Jo—Thursday, March 10th   6pm,  Friday, March 11th 8pm,  Saturday, March 12th 8pm in SAVE purple shirts

c.       Take Back the Night—Mallory—will attending the meeting on Friday, March 11th from 3pm-4pm ADMIN BLDG 250 

d.      Movie Night: What’s Love Got to Do with it? Wednesday, April 20th 6pm-9pm

                                                               i.      Committee Report

1.       Mallory will be creating a workshop

2.       Vilma and Art-I need you two to work together on promoting the event. I want to a Spartan Daily ad ran a one day before the event.

3.       Vilma and Saryna-I need one or both of you to contact Housing and set-up a meeting with Hall Government about the movie night.

4.       Vilma and Stephanie-I need one or both of you attend the meeting for the Hall Government so SAVE can get money for the event and promotion and support from the RA’s. We need money for Pizzas and Sodas. We need so need to rent out the RAC room in Campus Village B (CVB) as well. Please tell or ask your sororities about promoting and volunteering with SAVE on this event.

5.       Jo—Contact Bonnie about buttons: Jo and Mallory

6.       Art and Saryna-I need you both to contact Faculty in the Sociology, Psychology, Behavioral Science, Justice Studies, and Anthro., African-American Studies, Public Relations, and Journalism departments about promoting the event and possibly offering extra credit if students attend. Also, contact Mosaic Cross-Cultural Center, CCCAC, Women’s Resource Center, LGBT Center, Student Involvement, CCLL, and Counseling Services to promote event as well. Once we set a date, I need you both to collaborate and make fliers, set them out via e-mail using the all those various departments and center about this event. I also need you to post in on the Facebook page as well.

7.       Mallory—will see if Psi Chi wants to get involved with this event

8.       Stephanie-once we have a target date and I need you to get SAVErs to help with folding pamphlets.

                                                             ii.      Chevy’s Fundraiser—Art

1.       April 8th and April 9th from 5pm-9pm and 6pm-10pm

                                                            iii.      Vice President’s Report

V.                  Meeting ends at: 3:49pm

Three ways to contact SJSU SAVE

Please feel free to contact us anytime:

  1. e-mail:
  2. Facebook group: SJSU SAVE (Students Against Violence Everywhere)
  3. Follow us on Tumblr:
SJSU SAVE Constitution









Students Against Violence Everywhere








Students Against Violence Everywhere





The name of this organization shall be Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE).


ARTICLE II (Purpose)


The purpose of Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) is a service-learning organization educates the community and students about what is means to be a healthy relationship, understanding your rights in dating practices, and creating a safe environment free from bullying.


ARTICLE III (Affiliation)


SJSU SAVE is affiliated with the National Organization Students Against Violence Everywhere which provides information about violence prevention. Our organization is house in the Center of Community Learning and Leadership located in Clark Hall 203. We work in collaboratively with the Office of Student Conduct and Ethnical Development, Women’s Resource Center, the Psychology Department, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Center, Mosaic Cultural Center, Health Center, Counseling Center, Student Involvement, and Cesar Chavez Community Action Center.


ARTICLE IV (Membership)


Section 1.  All SAVE members and officers are highly recommended to have background

in intimate partner violence, sexual assault, or prevention training in: bullying, rape, or suicide before the process of joining SAVE.


SAVE officers are required to complete training before giving a workshop or must have completed any of one of the following courses at San Jose State University: Psychology of Women, Sociology of the Family, and Sociology: Violence in the Family.



Section 2.Voting membership is restricted to matriculated, currently enrolled students at San Jose State University.


Section 3. At least eighty percent (80%) of all members of the organization must be matriculated, currently enrolled students at San José State University.


Section 4. Membership in the organization will not be denied to anyone on the basis of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, color, age, gender, marital status, citizenship, sexual orientation, or disability. (Title 5, California Code of Regulation, Section 41500).


Section 5. No member of this organization shall engage in hazing, participate in hazing, or commit any act that causes or is likely to cause bodily danger, physical harm, or personal degradation or disgrace resulting in physical or mental harm to any fellow student or person attending this institution (California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Article 2, Standards for Student Conduct, Section 41301(b) (8). Individual students may be disciplined for hazing under Section 41301(b) (8).


ARTICLE V (Officers)


Section 1. The officers of this organization will be a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising Chair, Public Relations Chair, Historian, and Philanthropy chair. Google group will be used as main communication between officers, members, and the adviser/advisers.


                  For officers and adviser/advisers e-mail:

                  For members e-mail:


Section 2. The term of office shall be one semester. The term limit for each officer is two terms (i.e. one calendar year).


Section 3. SAVE will fill the vacancies that occur in the offices by election.


Section 4. All officers of this organization must be matriculated, currently enrolled students at San José State University.  The President and Treasurer of this organization must maintain a minimum overall 2.5 grade point average, must be enrolled in at least 6 units, and must be in good standing with San José State University during their term of office.


Section 5. One officer and one member must attend the Student Organization Conference in order maintain A.S. standing.


ARTICLE VI (Duties of Officers)


Section 1. The President is the main representative of the organization. The President and the Philanthropy Chair will provide information about SAVE to prospective members. The President will organize and plan all meetings and provide an agenda to SAVE officers prior to all meetings. The President will assist Public Relations Chair in all SAVE events. President and Treasurer will be responsible for maintaining the Associated Students (A.S.) savings account and the Tower account. President will assist Vice-President in facilitating workshops.


Section 2. The Vice-President is second representative of the organization. In the President’s absence, he/she will serve as main representative. Vice-President will assist the President in delegating tasks for SAVE officers and members. Vice-President will be the workshop facilitator with the assistance of the President.


Section 3. The Philanthropy Chair will responsible for contacting any prospective members with information about the organization. This position is the third representative of the organization. Philanthropy Chair will be looking for any service-learning opportunities which related to SAVE’s mission and will service as the outreach and membership coordinator for SAVE. This position will assist Public Relations Chair, President, and Fundraising Chair will promote all SAVE events and meeting.


Section 4. The Secretary will record the minutes at every meeting. Secretary must provide the minutes within 24-48 hours after meeting via Google group.


Section 5. The Treasurer will be responsible for maintaining accurate records of both the A.S. saving account and the Tower account. The Treasurer will deposit the button fundraiser into the A.S. account and the fundraising money into the Tower account. If SAVE officers need funding for any events—only the Treasurer or the President can approve it.


Section 6. The Fundraising Chair is in charge for planning and coordinating fundraiser opportunities for SAVE. Fundraising Chair can enlist the help of the Public Relations Chair, Philanthropy Chair, and Treasurer if needed.


Section 7. The Public Relations Chair is responsible advertising all SAVE events and meetings via Facebook, Google group, Spartan Daily, posting signs around campus, and Tumblr. Public Relations Chair can enlist the help of the SAVE members and officers for assistance in promoting all events. Public Relations Chair will organize and plan all SAVE events with assistance from the President and Philanthropy Chair. 


Section 8. The Historian is responsible for archiving all SAVE events via Facebook and Tumblr (past and present). Historian must efficient in Facebook and Tumblr. This position will require uploading photos, videos, and writing a weekly SAVE newsletter about all SAVE events which will be forwarded via both Google groups. Historian will take minutes in the absence of the Secretary.


Section 9.  President, Historian, Public Relations Chair, Secretary, and Philanthropy Chair will have access to both Google groups.



ARTICLE VII (Nominations and Elections)


Philanthropy Chair will be responsible for the elections process. 


Section 1. SAVE’s advisers are Dr. Elena Klaw, Psychology Department and Staci Gunner, Director of the Office of Student Conduct and Ethnical Development.  


Section 2. The organization must have a University advisor. This person must hold must

hold at least a bachelors degree and be employed as a faculty or staff member by San José State University. A Graduate Assistant/Intern may assume the advisor role if approved by the Student Involvement staff.



ARTICLE IX (Meetings)


SAVE meetings are held twice a month. Secretary will provide notes 24-48 hours after the meeting. SAVE officers must attend meeting as regularly as possible. SAVE members are more than welcome to attend any meeting.





Mallory Cooper                                                                  Spring 2011                                       February 9th, 2011